Brieff Studios is the combined artistic ambitions of Gabrielle Burger and Jeff Dietz.

In 2016, Gabrielle and Jeff started the popular monthly event called "Tarrytown Drink & Draw." In this non-instructional workshop, artists of all skill levels can come together for a fun night of life drawing. Tarrytown Drink & Draw is a modern take on a classical artistic practice. 

In addition to hosting events in Tarrytown, Gabrielle and Jeff also enjoy participating in community art projects. In 2016 they were featured artists at the Haverstraw River Arts Festival, where they created an interactive art installation interpreting the cultural landscape. They are also working on another community art project through Riverkeeper, that will be coming to fruition later this year. 

Brieff Studios is committed to bringing more creative events to the rivertowns, as well as facilitating strong partnerships between local artists.

Photo by George M. Gutierrez